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Dehumaniser reviewed

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Design custom sounds instantly using your voice!

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What the community is saying

The audio quality is nothing short of spectacular. I’ve never come across pitch shifting algorithms, with such extreme capabilities that produce no artifacts and maintains fidelity the likes of which I’ve found only in slowing down analog tape! — Glenn Laredo, Sound Designer, Audio Engineer, Author,

Dehumaniser is a software standalone vocal processor that allows the production of creature / monster sounds, efficiently in real time. It is designed to produce studio–quality sounds by using multiple layers of sound manipulation techniques simultaneously. Connect a microphone to your sound interface or even use your computer’s built-in microphone and create astonishing creature sounds in seconds, using your voice.

Dehumaniser provides 35 predesigned creature sound presets. These presets can be changed manually by affecting various parameters and can be saved as new presets. The creative possibilities of this software are unlimited. It allows the creation of unique creature sounds of different pitch, character and type, which depend on the software’s settings as well as the input voice’s timbre.